We're farmers. We feed people. It's that simple!

The Farm

Mesquite Field Farm is a small off grid cottage farm located South East of San Antonio. Today we produce rotationally grazed grass fed beef. We do not utilize chemicals on our cattle, or the farm for that matter, nor do we feed them grain. Our cattle eat grass like herbivores were created to eat.

In 2007 we purchased a piece of property that contained a ridge line and a valley. The entire property was comprised of mesquite and cactus. We cleared some of the land and planted grasses that were native to Texas prior to 1955. We wanted the grasses that thrived in Texas before Agribusiness and Genetically Modified seed became common place. We dug stock tanks to ensure that we could maintain water for our farm regardless of the climate. Our labors have provided us with good native grasses and plentiful water for our entire operation.

At the end of 2012 we decided we had nurtured the grass enough to begin our operation. We made our decisions well. In 2013 we were able to increase the number of livestock on the property and 2014 looks to be a great year. 2014 was a great year for the farm. 2015 we increased the size of the herd again as our grasses improved. The 2016 and leading into 2017 has been a banner year. Our herd was at 12 head on 16 acres. The animals look great and we have begun our harvest. Cant wait for 2017.

It is our belief that good stewardship of the land will provide the farm the ability to include other products to the public in the near future. We are not interested in becoming a mega farm. It is our intent to produce what our farm can sustain without compromising the land, livestock, produce, quality, or our morals.

We hope you enjoy our site and we invite you to come visit our farm. Come see where your food comes from.

Kindest regards,

The Staff of Mesquite Field Farm