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This portion of our site describes the products we currently produce, are in the process of producing, or intend to produce in accordance with our Holistic Goal and Vision Statement.

Holistic Goal

Mesquite Field Farm maintains beyond organic holistic farming practices in all business verticals, cultivating the symbiotic relationships present in nature, producing nutrient dense food that heals our bodies, minds, community and the land and animals that we steward.

Quality of Life

We create nourishing relationships with friends and family through positive constructive communication and honoring the connection between all living things. We are financially secure working full-time on our farm and are capable of fulfilling our family’s needs and the needs of our community. We have a sustainable and renewable connection to the land, maximize forage/grass production, and improve soil health and biodiversity.

Behaviors & Systems

We spend intentional, quality time with family and friends and set priorities and realistic expectations on our decision making process. We maintain open non-judgmental communication and encourage consistent reviews and evaluation of systems to ensure efficacy of our processes.

 Vision Statement


We are determined to act with integrity in alignment with our holistic goals and show our respect for the land and the people in our community.


The land we steward will be verdant and in a constant state of symbiosis, and our animals will be treated with the respect deserving of their sacrifice.


We have a sustainable, thriving, and compassionate community and farm that encourages education and respect for others while producing quality food and relationships.