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It’s just a weed, how hard could it be to grow…

This is quite an interesting product and the story of how we began growing it is also quite interesting. While I have on occasion in Europe tasted Absinthe before I never thought I would be growing several varieties of Artemisia for the production of Absinthe.

A Chef we have become friends with asked me if we would be willing to grow several varieties of Artemisia for him. Vegetables and fruit can be tricky at times but Artemisia…its a weed! How hard could it possibly be to grow a weed. We accepted the challenge. None of us had a clue how to grow these plants however, we had a ton of fun learning.

We planted the first hundred plants during the hottest part of the day in the middle of summer. We thought we were all going to die before we got them planted. The next problem to overcome was how do we water them? For the first month we watered them by hand. That was absolutely insane and we new we had to automate the process somehow. We decided to use soaker hoses. They worked great however, the rabbits decided they needed water too. The little fuzzy bunnies never nibbled a plant but no soaker hose was left untouched. By the second week we knew the soaker hoses would never work. This led us to the installation of a PVC waterline with hose bibs and sprinklers every 20 feet.

To make a long story short, we are successfully growing several varieties of organic Artemisia solely for Chef Stephen Paprocki. If you want the rest of the story catch one of us at the farm or at a Chefs Cooperative Dinner and we will provide you a laugh of two. Below are pictures of Chef Stephen Paprocki in various settings and links to articles written about the Artemisia.