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Garlic has always been one of my favorite herb/vegetable/spices to eat. I will eat it in almost any form to include right out of the dirt. So of course I intended on growing garlic for our use at home. However, we ran into another one of those situations where Chef Stephen Paprocki came out to the farm to harvest some Artmisia. Chef expressed his need for someone to produce organically grown Texas garlic. Challenge accepted! Holy Smoke we are doing it again! We have never grown garlic on any scale and here we go planting garlic and learning new things. I Love This Job. A couple of weeks later I run into Chef Stephen and he shows me a new venture…Texas Black Gold Garlic. He handed me a package of Black Garlic and instructed me to enjoy. We went home and ate it…all of it. Absolutely amazing! We planted the first bed of garlic plants directly behind the first bed of Artemisia. I think we will use garlic to separate each new bed of Artemisia. If you have never had Black Garlic you are missing an amazing product. You can purchase it directly from the website and I believe Chef may be selling it through Gaucho Gourmet!

 To understand what Black Garlic is please see the Savor SA article linked below.