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Customer Reviews

“On another note, I wanted to get you some feedback on the meat. In one word:  outstanding; Outstanding; OUTSTANDING. Neither the ground beef nor the T-bones were too lean. The hamburger we used in nachos, as is, and the only thing missing were the hormones and other garbage found in store-bought meats. We could finally taste beef and not the myriad of chemicals we’d become used to with other.  The Tbones were as tender as prime rib.  The only prep was an olive oil rub the night before along with a mix of ground pepper, sea salt, and garlic. Cooked it on low heat for about 25 mins, seared at the end.  It literally melted in the mouth.  I’m not even sure the olive oil was needed. Next time I may try a couple without.  Please do let me know when you have beef available.  Ground beef and Tbones will always be a big hit around this house.”

April 8, 2014

Mike S.