Who and What We Are

Who and What We Are

Mesquite Field Farm is a 1st generation regenerative family farm. That’s quite a mouthful, so let’s break it down. First generation is fairly explanatory. We both come from agricultural families, but we grew up in the city. In 2007, we purchased the land that would become our farm. Prior to purchasing the farm we spent a large amount of time defining our farming model. We really wanted to know where all of our food came from. The increase in disease, food borne illness, genetically modified food, and huge lobbying efforts of agribusiness companies to influence our food chain became a primary concern for us. We needed to understand how to produce as much of our food as possible in the most efficient manner. Our investigation led us to Polyface Farm and a true gentleman named Joel Salatin.

Joel and his family run a multi-generational farm exactly how we want to run our farm. The efficiency of their farm is beyond what we thought was capable and it is done with a minimal number of people. Polyface Farm is much bigger than our farm however, the model works whether you have 10 acres 1,000 acres. After reading everything Mr. Salatin wrote, every interview, and movie he participated in, and finally visiting the farm, we began our journey.

Our staff is rather small however, the production is quite amazing. We will introduce ourselves to you now.


This is Melissa. She is my lovely wife and the center point of the farm. She is the Chief Executive Officer, Marketing Department, Ways and Means Committee, Chief Financial Officer and the Love of my life. On a serious note, Melissa has a degree in Business Management and a background in radio and marketing. She graduated from the program called Beginning Women Farmers and Ranchers of Texas from Holistic Management International. This is where the “regenerative” portion of our farm starts. Nature functions in wholes; symbiotic relationships that serve to improve a system instead of strip it down to one or two species. There are no monocultures in nature. Our goal is to improve the land, leave it better than it was when we purchased it. We look to mimic those relationships in nature to increase productivity in the land instead of forcing production through external inputs.


This is Merlin. He was originally the fastest runner we had on the farm and was the designated herder and general moral support for all operations at the farm. Now, he is mostly our door bell alerting us to anything out of the ordinary.


Finally you have Freya and Me. Freya is the newest member of the staff. She has an affinity for anything in a Starbucks cup therefore, she is now the fastest runner and the most focused on herding anything from ants to cows. I am the chief grass watcher, general laborer, and all around gopher however, I am responsible for reporting everything to the Chief Executive Officer, Marketing Department, Ways and Means Committee, Chief Financial Officer, and anyone else that points in my general direction. My background is in technology and I left the corporate world to manage the day to day operations of the farm. It has been a humbling and very rewarding experience as we attempt to work with nature as opposed to against it. My goal is to educate and inform as many people as possible, through our Veteran and educational programs, to help spread the word about regenerative agriculture.

There you have it. The staff of Mesquite Field Farm. Thank you for your time and we hope to see you at the farm soon.
Doug Havemann